About Us

From The Ground Up - No One Else Can Compete

Professional Landscape and Hardscape Contractors servicing Baltimore and surrounding areas in Maryland. Over ten years in business. Xscape 2 Nature, Inc. is determined to establish a beautiful quality design, to not only have a fantastic layout for your residence or business. But to show off to your community as well as increasing the value of your estate.

Any project big or small, All Licensed and Insured for both residential and commercial locations.  

Offering competitive pricing, quality service & an overall great experience for each of our clients. We look forward to supporting you with your next outdoor project. Committed to providing you with a professional, expertly constructed designed hardscaping to display astonishing results to your landscape. 

The Reviews Don't Lie

Top Rated Across The Board! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will work on my landscape?

The only people who will work on your landscape are KO Home Landscape Template employees. Our team members have experience and horticultural backgrounds, and we will all be familiar with your landscape needs. 

Are you insured and licensed?

We have all necessary licenses for our area, and we carry insurance for all of our projects.

Some larger construction projects require special licenses and certifications. We have trusted members of the landscaping community that we work with for those special cases.

What kind of landscaping do you do?

We can do all kinds of landscaping, but our specialty is in mixing non-native and native plants to make a landscape that meets your needs and fits the ecology of our area.